Agriculture commodities

Global demand for palm oil, beef, cocoa and other commodities is rapidly increasing. Agricultural commodities offer both a challenge and an opportunity for global economic development, poverty reduction and environmental stewardship. Despite concerted international efforts, however, commodity production remains an uncertain foundation for promoting sustainable development in general. Recognizing the sustainability challenges facing commodity production and trade, CIC provides   the best practices and learning initiatives for sustainable production and trade. Such sustainability initiatives offer a new paradigm for bringing markets in line with social priorities .

Energy and Gas

With rising global demand, highly volatile prices and increasingly stringent environmental regulations, the energy and gas industry faces three major challenges : reducing costs, optimizing the performance of its industrial base assets and improving its environmental footprint.

CIC provides reliable information and intelligent analysis to create effective energy strategies, policies and regulations in the continually changing reality.

 Poverty and Employment Conditions

The experience of countries that have succeeded in reducing poverty significantly point to the important role of high rates of economic growth combined with high rates of employment growth. High rates of economic growth on their own are insufficient to guarantee that poverty reduction will occur unless the benefits of economic growth are more equitably distributed. CIC helps our partners to  create productive employment conditions  as a critical nexus between growth and poverty reduction

Environmental Impact

Climate change is the one of world’s biggest sustainability challenges of our time, threatening our ecosystem of basic needs. But climate change also presents CIC with opportunities to lead solutions that will promote clean energy and climate change resilience  protecting our planet for current and future generations.